Fundraising opportunities in peoria area

Part of our mission at Generations Candle Co. is to share with others and give back to our community. Let us help create a unique fundraiser with you. We have several creative options when it comes to raising funds for your organization.

Generations Give Back Day

This is a fun way to make a big impact for your organization. Select a day (Tuesday through Thursday) that works best for you and your group. 20% of all retail sales that day will be donated back to your organization! Your friends and family will experience the joy of creating a custom scent while supporting your organization at the same time! 

Recruit your family, friends, neighbors, volunteers and organization supporters to visit our shop on your selected day. The more guests you send to us,  the more money you raise! The only two things we ask are that:

  • You commit to promoting the day with us. We can supply you with images, descriptions, etc. to help you with promotion. 
  • You commit to reserving spots for at least ten people to come sometime that day to create custom-scented candles or other gifts at our fragrance bar. Each person can pay individually or you can pay as a group.

Following Give Back Day, you will receive a donation check from Generations.

​Interested in booking a fundraiser?

Use our contact form below and let us know your preferred date, your contact info (including phone number), organization name & website. Please also include your preferred reservation time for your “pouring party.” We'll contact you to confirm details within one day!

Classic Fundraiser

Choose up to 8 fragrances and two vessels. Sell those candles for 3 weeks.  Purchase the candles for $12 and sell them for $20 (or more!) and buy glass jar candles for $12 and sell for $20 -- or more you can name your own price! You make at least  per candle and that money goes directly to your cause! 

We’ll provide order forms that your organization members can use to take candle orders. We'll pour candles and deliver them within a week of receiving your order and payment. All we ask is that you order a minimum of 24 candles.