Special Occasions

Event venues in Peoria, Illinois

Other Custom Scent Opportunities


Scent is an ideal way to customize your special day and create wonderful memories. What better way to make your wedding day extra special than to share your own custom fragrance!

Wedding favors, Bridal party gifts, Shower hostess gifts, Welcome bag gifts

We can help you design a custom scent that matches the fragrances of your wedding day - imagine the flavors of your dessert,  the flowers in your bouquet, or the favorite scents of your growing family. Your custom creation can be used in any of these gifts. We can also recommend containers and label designs that fit your vision and budget.

Bachelorette Parties

 A candle pouring party is a fun & unique addition to your bachelorette party itinerary! Pour your candles then go for spa treatments, drinks, bites or shopping in the Heights while your candles cool. Ask for restaurant recommendations in the area - we are happy to help you plan your celebration!

Contact us to inquire about pricing, gifts/favors or to help you plan your bachelorette party or other special event!

Private Label - Building your Brand

Partner with us to create custom scented products that showcase your brand and bring your clients back as they recall the memorable scent they can experience only by doing business with you.

Wholesale & Private Label

We can help you:

  • Launch your own line of candles or other fragrance items to use as gifts 
  • Select containers and packaging that your clientele will love
  • Scent your entire business with flameless options

Corporate gifts and products need to express your brand with style and professionalism. Whether they are presented individually or as part of a larger package, your customized products stand apart from other options because they convey YOUR brand identity. By creating a custom blend and label, you will use a signature scent to continually remind people of their last visit with you which will lead them back again.

Ready to explore custom scents for your brand? Email us at generationscandleco@gmail.com to set up an initial meeting to discuss your needs and customer base. Our private label package includes:

  • Fragrance consultation and exploration at our studio
  • Discussion of packaging options
  • Special pricing based on 24 candles/case
  • In-house custom printed labels (upgraded design and printing options available)

​Contact us to set up an appointment to get started!


Part of our mission at Generations Candle Co. is to share with others and give back to our community. Let us help create a unique fundraiser with you. We have several creative options when it comes to raising funds for your organization.

Generations Give Back Day

This is a fun way to make a big impact for your organization. Select a day (Tuesday through Thursday) that works best for you and your group. 20% of all retail sales that day will be donated back to your organization! Your friends and family will experience the joy of creating a custom scent while supporting your organization at the same time! 

Recruit your family, friends, neighbors, volunteers and organization supporters to visit our shop on your selected day. The more guests you send to us,  the more money you raise! The only two things we ask are that:

  • You commit to promoting the day with us. We can supply you with images, descriptions, etc. to help you with promotion. 
  • You commit to reserving spots for at least ten people to come sometime that day to create custom-scented candles or other gifts at our fragrance bar. Each person can pay individually or you can pay as a group.

Following Give Back Day, you will receive a donation check from Generations.

​Interested in booking a fundraiser? Use our contact form and let us know your preferred date, your contact info (including phone number), organization name & website. Please also include your preferred reservation time for your “pouring party.” We'll contact you to confirm details within one day!

Classic Fundraiser

Choose up to 8 fragrances and two vessels. Sell those candles for 3 weeks.  Purchase the candles from us at a discounted amount and sell them at a higher price. You may name your own price! You are sure to make money on each candle.  

We’ll provide order forms that your organization members can use to take candle orders. We'll pour candles and deliver them within a week of receiving your order and payment. All we ask is that you order a minimum of 24 candles.

Custom Scent Your Organization 

Customize your own scent for your organization. Join us at Generations and spend some time blending your own unique scent for your school, church or organization. Add your logo to create a custom logo for your candle.  

Purchase candles at wholesale pricing and sell them at your organization and events all year long. You earn money with each candle and have the benefit of promoting your organization and brand in a unique and memorable way.